6 - 12 months

These months are an exciting time of watching baby start to do things on their own. Crawlers, Cruisers, and Walkers...OH MY! There is lots for you or your baby's caregiver to do. This is a nice time to establish some sort of routine for both you and baby. Many places ask for a semester commitment, go for it, baby loves the consistency (even if you have to listen to the same song over and over again). It is still nice to drop-in to new or different things occasionally so be on the look out for trials and samplers.  

General tips for attending classes during this age band include: 1) take a break any time (you do you), 2) participate in class (baby will take cues from you so sing, dance, and have fun!), and 3) bring socks for yourself (many places ask for shoes off and socks on), 4) aim to be a bit early as baby may need more time now to adjust to new surroundings and settle in. 

The classes detailed below are starting at 6 months. In some cases there may be a more appropriate class for your little one prior to 12 months. The "next level" class is mentioned in the description and can easitly be found on the providers website using the same link.


The most recent schedule is noted with available pricing information. Just click on each link to learn more about each provider, location, and to confirm current schedule and pricing. Descriptions are largely borrowed from provider websites. Please let us know how we can improve this page for you by emailing info@mommyminglenyc.com


Babies in Motion @ New York Kids Club

This introductory movement class for babies 5-8 months is full of age-appropriate activities that promote cruising, crawling and, eventually, that elusive first step. Your child will build motor skills on the trampoline and soft play mats, learns through music, puppets and sensory props, and enjoys social time with parachutes and bubbles. (Next level class is called GYM BABIES)

  • Schedules vary by location, once weekly

    • 21 West End Avenue (60th Street)

    • 168 Amsterdam (68th Street)

    • 601 Amsterdam (89th Street)

  • Semester, 17 classes, $725 (will prorate)

  • Free Trial Available

Crawlers Club @ the JCC

Through songs, nursery rhymes, and exercises designed to strengthen muscles and provide mental stimulation, your baby will reach important milestones in a playful and relaxed environment.  A perfect first movement class for your new baby. Pre-registration is encouraged as space is limited. (Next level class is called WOBBLY WALKERS)

  • Several times weekly

  • 334 Amsterdam at 76th St

  • Members: $15 Non-Members: $18 (Drop-In)

Tiny Tykes @ My Gym Lincoln Center

As the babies gain hand, arm and trunk control and become mobile, they are introduced new and stimulating activities. Tiny Tykes are led through a variety of beginning stretches, exercises, infant songs and dances, baby-safe rides and adventures, balance and agility skills, and introductory tumbling during this motivating program. A relationship to movement and physical activity begins to develop, as these Tiny Tykes discover their natural abilities and enhance their physical and cognitive development.  (Next level class is called WADDLERS, they also offer a combined TYKES/WADS class)

  • Several times weekly

  • 22 W 66th St (b/t Columbus and CPW)

  • Membership Fee $75, 4-Class Pack $199

  • Free Trial Available

Move Baby Move @ Appleseeds UWS

Play in a clean, safe, soft world full of music and delightfully tempting new things for your child to discover. This baby gym class inspires movement through play with parachutes, soft climbing steps, ramps, mats, tunnels and bubbles. Each week children are given age appropriate toys to play with and motivate action. Sing along to classics and contemporary songs while your child moves along.

  • Several times weekly

  • 200 West End Avenue (b/t 69th & 70th street)

  • Non-Member: $347.50 (8 weeks) , Member Rates available, Prorating available

Play and Learn 2 @ Gymboree

Learn about cause and effect and build strength through play with ramps, slides and climbers. This infant class includes parent discussion time to help learn about your child's development.  (Next level class is called PLAY AND LEARN 3)

  • Several times weekly

  • 240 W. 73rd St. (b/t Broadway and West End)

  • $214/month (Open Play Times Included with Membership)

  • Free Trial Available

Bugs @ The Little Gym of Upper West Side

This class promotes early social and physical skills and provides a comfortable space for you to guide your baby’s skill growth with new friends!   (Next level class is called BIRDS)

  • Several times weekly

  • 2121 Broadway (b/t 74th & 75th Street)

  • Membership Fee $50, Semester $760

  • Trial Available ($45)

Start Out Small @ Elliot's Gymnastics

Designed to introduce babies to different sounds and movements, we create an environment that helps them to become comfortable with different faces and voices. Little ones engage in activities to help them build a tolerance to sounds and changes, which also lends to better sleeping. Activities are incorporated to help stimulate the muscles used for crawling and walking. Music, bells, hoops, and vivid colors are also used to stimulate these babies.  (Next level class is called TOTS-A-LOT)

  • Several times weekly

  • 131 West 86 St. (b/t Columbus and Amsterdam)

  • 1x/week: $375

  • Unlimited: $650 (Two set classes a week PLUS the ability to reserve additional weekly classes)

Bubbling Babies (Aquatics) @the JCC

Enjoy an introduction to the water in this class full of songs and games. Classes will focus on comfort, breath control, verbal swim cues, skill demonstrations, and safety in and out of the water.

  • Schedules vary by session

  • Monday 12:30 pm, Wednesday 12 pm, Friday 11:15 am

  • 334 Amsterdam at 76th St

  • Members: $570 Non-Members: $720

SWIMFANTS by SWIM JIM @ Multiple Locations   

This class is the introduction to the aquatic environment. Through exploration and age-appropriate games the child learns about water pressure and beginning breath control. This fun, structured class facilitates the learning process through movement, sound and tactile stimulation. The student/teacher ratio is 6 to 1.

  • Schedules vary by location. Must sign-up in advance.

    •  808 Columbus (Behind the Whole Foods at 98th)

    •  725 Tenth Avenue, b/t 49th and 50th street, Skyline Hotel

    • 666 West End Ave, and 92nd Street

  • $46.50/lesson

Baby Fingers @ Prenatal Yoga Center

A great way to introduce and practice sign language with your little one. There is singing and storytelling as you add new words each week.

  • Weekly

  • ​251 W. 72nd St, 2F (b/t Broadway and West End)

  • $280, 8 week session, offered regularly 



POSTnatal Yoga @ Prenatal Yoga Center

Regain strength and energy that may have been lost during pregnancy. Classes specifically focus on rebuilding strength in the abdomen, back and pelvic muscle; releasing tension in the shoulders and neck;opening the chest. Classes also address common issues and concerns that may arise in this new chapter of life. Moms are welcome to bring their babies! 

  • Several times weekly

  • ​251 W. 72nd St(b/t Broadway and West End)

  • Drop-in $27, One-Month Unlimited $180, 8-Class Pack​ $200, 

Baby and Me Yoga @ Prenatal Yoga Center

Focus on strengthening the spiritual, emotional, and physical bond between parent (or caregiver) and child. Using interactive, slow-moving postures, the class is ideal for adults and babies 4 weeks to crawling. Class also includes infant massage and various exercises that assist the development of your child’s motor skills. 

  • Several times weekly

  • ​251 W. 72nd St (b/t Broadway and West End)

  • Drop-in $27, One-Month Unlimited $180, 8-Class Pack​ $200.

Baby + Me Yoga @ the JCC

This baby and me yoga class focuses on strengthening the spiritual, emotional and physical bond between parent and child. Using interactive, slow-moving postures

  • Weekly, Sunday

  • 334 Amsterdam at 76th St

  • $25 Drop-in​

Baby & Me Yoga @ Pure Yoga West

Practice yoga with your baby in a relaxed, supportive environment, while learning to regain the strength in your core muscles after giving birth.  This flowing yoga practice focuses on strengthening Pelvic floor and abdominal muscles (you will be checked for Diastasis Rectii.)

  • Several times weekly

  • 204 W 77th St (b/t Amsterdam & Broadway)

  • Non-Members: Single Pass ​ $35, Eight Classes $245, Sixteen Classes $450

Babywearing Figure 4 Barre @ Pure Yoga West

Combining the benefits of ballet, Pilates and prenatal yoga, this signature baby-wearing barre class provides mom with a workout that will tone and strengthen her post natal body while creating a stronger bond with baby. For parents and babies up to one year, please bring a suitable carrier comfortable for you and baby.

  • Several times weekly

  • 204 W 77th St (b/t Amsterdam & Broadway)

  • Non-Members: Single Pass ​ $35, Eight Classes $245, Sixteen Classes $450

Classes by FitCo 

You can do it all! Join in for a workout which caters to your constantly changing body all without needing a babysitter! Focus on cardio, core and strength training- modifying to fit your needs.  

  • Several times weekly

  • $25

GroovaRoo @ Broadway Dance Company

Soul line dancing with baby. Super fun and gets you moving! 

  • Several times weekly

  • 37 W 65th St (b/t Columbus & CPW)

  • $34 Single Class, $160 for 5 class/2 mo package, $300 for 10 class/3 mo package 


Music Together @ Eastside Westside Music Together

A truly unique music literacy program. The music is pitched in just the right range for children’s voices and includes songs, rhythmic chants, tonal and rhythm patterns, and instrumental play-alongs, all in a rich variety of tonalities and meters. Original songs and arrangements. Songbooks and music downloads available for participants. 

  • Schedules vary by location

    • 160 Columbus Ave @ 67th Street (Equinox UWS)

    • 102 West 75th Street (Center for Family Music)

    • 263 West 86th Street (Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew)

    • 210 West 102nd Street (Semiperm)

  • Mixed Ages Classes, 10 Weeks $421

  • Free Trial Available

Musical Adventure @ Pineapple Explorers Club

This is not your typical music class -- it's an award winning in-home musical adventure! Name the time and place; they pick the playlist. Lessons take you and your little ones around the world and through time rocking to your favorite tunes. And don't worry -- you won't hear "Wheels on the Bus" from us. We play the classics, from Bruce to Britney, and it's never too soon to teach your little ones to love them too!

  • Drop-In Only, schedules vary by location

  • Rates vary (typically around $20/class)

Musical Tots @ New York Kids Club

This class thrills both children and adults with classical music, jazz, rock & roll and favorite nursery rhymes in a warm, upbeat environment. A professional guitarist and talented singer leads group activities and sing-alongs as your young musician is exposed to new rhythm patterns, melodies and a diversity of percussion instruments. Musical Tots stimulates important language development centers in your child's growing mind while laying the foundation for music appreciation. 

  • Schedules vary by location, once weekly

    • 168 Amsterdam (68th Street)

    • 601 Amsterdam (89th Street)

  • Semester, 17 classes, $725 (will prorate)

  • Free Trial Available

Songs for Seeds @ Appleseeds UWS

A rockin’ music class that encourages kids to sing, play instruments (from drums and guitars to pianos and accordions) along with a live, three-piece band, as well as dance and move as much as possible. Kids travel around the world experiencing music and language from a new country every week. The band creates well-known nursery rhymes through art and song, does magic tricks as a way to practice numbers and counting, and spins the animal wheel to reinforce animal names and sounds. Kids will go home singing songs that you will like as much as them.

  • Several times weekly

  • 200 West End Avenue (b/t 69th & 70th street)

  • Non-Member: $377.50 (8 weeks) , Member Rates available, Prorating available

Little Maestros @ the JCC

This high energy class features musical story times, imaginative play, language development activities, puppet shows, and "bubble music." 

  • Offered Daily (except Saturday), times vary according to day

  • 334 Amsterdam at 76th St

  • Full or Half Semester​, Prices vary depending on day of the week (Members approx. $35/class and Non-Members approx. $40/class)

Circle & Sing Together @ Kidville UWS

Circle up as we engage eager children through song and stories, ball play, manipulative toys, and block exploration. One of Kidville's very own rockin' musicians leads a finale jam session with props and musical instruments. 

  • Several times weekly

  • 205 West 88th Street (b/t Broadway & Amsterdam)

  • $725, 16-Week Semester

  • Free Trial Available ​

Rockin' Railroad (Unplugged) @ Kidville UWS

All aboard the baby express! Journey through fun activities including movement songs, lap activities, shared musical story time, group drumming exploration, and bubbles galore. The class also explores a different instrument and musical genre each week and meets special puppet friends along the way.

  • Several times weekly

  • 205 West 88th Street (b/t Broadway & Amsterdam)

  • $725, 16-Week Semester 

  • Free Trial Available ​

Musical Playdate @ ABC Do-Re-Me

From nursery rhymes to pop hits, our eclectic mix of music keeps the kids hopping and the smiles coming as guitar playing instructors dish out a big helping of fun laced with teaching moments. Instruments, dance grooves and boisterous singing add to the party as the children gain a musical education without realizing it.

  • Schedules vary by location

    • 2537 Broadway (Symphony Space - on 95th Street)

    • 2067 Broadway (Epic Building - West 72nd Street)

  • Single Class Pass $28, 5 Class Pack – $135, 10 Class Pack – $260, 20 Class Pack – $450

Ramblin' Dan

Ramblin' Dan’s high energy and engaging classes are driven by his playful musicality and skillful guitar work.  His first priorities are HAVING FUN, providing A PRESSURE FREE AND COMFORTING ATMOSPHERE and HELPING KIDS GAIN CONFIDENCE.  While most of Dan's students are 3 years old or younger (he loves working with infants), he offers classes for newborns to 5 years olds. Check website for free concerts!

  • Times vary by location, but generally on Thursdays for UWS 

  • 54 W 74th St (b/n Columbus and CPW) and 131 W 86th St (The Jewish Center b/n Columbus and Amsterdam)

  • $35 Drop-In or Semester (10 weeks) for $300

Funikijam World Music

Say "Fun-NEE-KEE-Jam!" Funiki (japanese for music) + Jam (Indonesian for time) = FunikiJam (music time around the world). Dance, sing, and play along with high energy classes where every week is a new globe-spanning musical adventure! FunikiJam's multicultural music & movement programs are built upon the original rhymes, chants, songs and stories. Each activity is designed to target specific developmental skills while exploring the world through music.

  • Daily, No Sundays

  • 235 W 56th St (Columbus Circle at Symphony House)

  • $40 Drop-In or Classpacks available ($200/10, $300/20)


The Storybook Mom @ Monica + Andy

Nili Yelin, the Storybook Mom, gives wonderfully engaging story times with unparalleled energy and enthusiasm for all things books. 

  • Mondays 11:15 am, Thursdays 4 pm, Fridays 11:15 am, Sunday 10:30 am

  • 410 Columbus (b/t 79th & 80th Street)

  • FREE

Storytime @ Books of Wonder

The staff at this well-curated bookstore share some of their favorite books each weekend with kids of all ages. They pick the books based on the crowd. 

  • Saturdays 11 am, Sundays 11:30 am

  • 217 West 84th Street (b/n Broadway and Amsterdam)

  • FREE​

Family Story-time (Daddy and Me and Mommy Too!) @ St. Agnes NYPL

This family time is a great way to introduce the library and it's treasures to your child. Come in and listen to stories, sing songs, and move to bouncy rhymes with your baby or toddler. 

  • Wednesdays 10:30 Outside at River Run Playground- summer only (Riverside Park, between 82nd & 83rd streets and Riverside Drive)

  • Saturdays 10:30 am

  • 444 Amsterdam (b/t 81st & 82nd Street)

  • FREE​

Baby Story-time: Peek-a-Boo & Books @ St. Agnes NYPL

Come, sing songs, play bouncing rhymes games, and listen to stories and begin your babies lifetime love of reading. 

  • Mixed (0-18 months) Every Other Tuesday 2pm

  • Mostly Pre-walkers: Every Other Wednesday 10:45 am 

  • Mostly Walkers: Every Other Wednesday 10:15 am 

  • 444 Amsterdam (b/t 81st & 82nd Street)

  • FREE